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A visit to NGV Kids Space and NGV Kids Corner

Guest Blogger: Kate Nelson

I like to think of us as old hands when it comes to visiting the National Gallery of Victoria Kids Space and Corner.

I always marvel that my kids automatically understand that these Spaces are for them.  Whilst we love visiting the rest of the Gallery (and regularly make visits to any of the collections for a wander) it is almost a collective sigh of relief when we enter the Kids Space and we no longer need to be reminded not to touch, run or be loud.

My six year old diligently made her way around the whole space moving from one activity to the next, returning to some for another look and generally keeping to a clockwise direction.  The three year old on the other hand charged like a small bull (or maybe more like a fly?) quite randomly almost colliding with each activity before engaging… and then tearing off again haphazardly – some things were momentarily glanced at and others really caught his attention and kept him preoccupied.   Watching them move about and explore really amused me… is this because one is three and one is six, or one is a boy and one is a girl or  quite simply are these just their personalities and an indication of who they are for life??

The NGV Kids Space An Excellent Adventure exhibition is both a play space and an area to explore, engage and learn.  From the babies and toddlers through to early school years there are things to delight, engage and provide opportunity for curiosity.  The Kids Space is less about art and artists and more about enquiry and exploring.

The interactive constellation was a big favorite.  The etchings were also a revelation.  The “Create a New Land” provided a challenge to my construction enthusiast three year old.  The cubby spaces, headdress and cut-out were all a bit of fun too.  And finally the exhibition pieces were both relevant and interesting – we saw treasure of historical nature (which generated conversation) and also the old school pirate kind of treasure.

We look forward to many more visits to this exhibition to explore further – and look forward to next years exhibition too!

Kate Nelson, writes website where you can find individually reviewed activities, classes, events, playgrounds and school holiday programs for children and families.