Companionship in Our Time

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NGV International

Federation Court
Ground Level

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This is a free program in Federation Court.
Exhibition ticket required for entry into KAWS: Companshionship in the Age of Loneliness.

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Ph +61 3 8620 2222
9am–5pm, daily

Presented in Partnership with The School of Life

What does it feel like to be alone? What does it mean to be connected?

Inspired by the work of KAWS, participate in an interaction with a friend or stranger that encourages an exploration of companionship, loneliness, connection and communication.


Daniel Teitelbaum is a Faculty Member in The School of Life, as well as a performer, radio broadcaster, teacher and facilitator. Daniel specialises in creating playful, memorable and meaningful experiences for people. Daniel has been a strategy consultant working with social enterprise, the Head of Content at The School of Life Australia and an associate teacher of design at Monash University.

With a background in philosophy, law and theatre studies, in recent years Daniel has focused on play-based professional development for companies, NFPs and local governments – using games, toys and theatre to help others develop important skills and ways of working.

Sat 19 Oct, 1–4pm

Venue Federation Court, Ground Level, NGV International

Sun 20 Oct, 1–4pm

Venue Federation Court, Ground Level, NGV International

Opening Weekend Contemporary Painting Sculpture & Installation KAWS NGV International


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