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Melbourne Design Week

Geographies of Gold

Presented by Monash Architecture Urban Lab and the Atlas of the Underground Project

Sorry you missed this one!
Free entry Mon 16 Mar, 6pm–8pm
ANZ Gothic Bank,
388 Collins St,

Join us for a series of presentations and discussions to explore the changing geography of gold over time: from the origins of gold in neutron star mergers and its theorised delivery to Earth via asteroid impacts; to the profound influence of gold on world urbanisation during the era of the goldrush; to contemporary efforts to track global gold extraction, use and recycling.

Gold provides a lens through which to make connections from the tiny 0.034 grams of gold in your own smart-phone through to global scale issues of ethical extraction and beyond to the celestial beginnings of the universe.

Bas Van Abel, Internationally award social entrepreneur and Founder Fairphone, a company which aims to develop smartphones that are designed and produced with minimal environmental impact.
Daniel Price, Associate Professor and ARC Future Fellow at the Monash Centre for Astrophysics (MoCA) whose research focuses on Computational Astrophysics involving star and planet formation.
Margaret Woodward, Artist and co-creator of Lost Rocks (2017-2021), a collaborative slow-publishing art work composed by forty contemporary artists from around the world. Lost Rocks is an accumulative event of mineralogical, metaphysical and metallurgical telling.
Laura Harper, Architect and lecturer in the Monash University Urban Lab whose research explores the role that geology and extraction play in organising and characterising the urban environment.
Viginia Mannering, Author, architect and PhD Candidate at Melbourne University whose research focuses on the role of the goldrush in shaping key cities of the British Empire.
Tim Werner, Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne School of Geography who uses economic geology, industrial ecology, GIS and remote sensing to analyse global metal supply chains.

This event takes place in conjunction with Aurum exhibition presented by Georgia Nowak and Eugene Perepletchikov.
Visit Aurum for all event information.

Free entry Mon 16 Mar, 6pm–8pm
ANZ Gothic Bank,
388 Collins St,

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