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Monica Bill Barnes & Company’s The Gallery Workout
Presented by Arts Centre Melbourne and NGV

Ground Level

Join NYC’s Monica Bill Barnes & Company for a 50-minute exercise tour through Arts Centre Melbourne and the NGV. Elevating your heart rate in this illicit trespass outside opening hours, The Gallery Workout inspires new perspectives on the art of the ages through movement, unforgettable music and stories from American artist Maira Kalman. Supported by VicHealth.

Sat 14 Jul, 7am (Past)

Sat 14 Jul, 8.30am (Past)

Thu 19 Jul, 7am

Thu 19 Jul, 8.30am

Fri 20 Jul, 7am

Fri 20 Jul, 8.30am

Sat 21 Jul, 7am

Sat 21 Jul, 8.30am

Thu 26 Jul, 7am

Thu 26 Jul, 8.30am

Fri 27 Jul, 7am

Fri 27 Jul, 8.30am

Sat 28 Jul, 7am

Sat 28 Jul, 8.30am

Thu 2 Aug, 7am

Thu 2 Aug, 8.30am

Fri 3 Aug, 7am

Fri 3 Aug, 8.30am

Sat 4 Aug, 7am

Sat 4 Aug, 8.30am

Thu 9 Aug, 7am

Thu 9 Aug, 8.30am

Fri 10 Aug, 7am

Fri 10 Aug, 8.30am

Sat 11 Aug, 7am

Sat 11 Aug, 8.30am

Thu 16 Aug, 7am

Thu 16 Aug, 8.30am

Fri 17 Aug, 7am

Fri 17 Aug, 8.30am

Sat 18 Aug, 7am

Sat 18 Aug, 8.30am

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