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Got a question about writing? Ask it at the Tell-a-thon. On the third day of the Pirate Radio broadcast, local word nerds The Good Copy cast the advice net wide, roping in panellists from the mysterious worlds of copywriting, crosswords, proofreading, poetry and more. Bring a question, make a donation to Wildlife Victoria’s bushfire appeal and the Tell-a-thon team will … ahem … tell you what they know.

The writing-themed Pirate Radio broadcast will be happening all day, from 10am to 5pm. Feel free to pull up a stool and watch it live.

The Tell-a-thon help desk will be set up next to the Pirate Radio station at the St Kilda Road entrance.

If you decide to book a chat with a Tell-a-thon panellist, don’t worry, it won’t be broadcast! Your donation buys you a one-on-one conversation with a word nerd.

To book in for a chat, visit the Tell-a-thon help desk in person any time from 10am on Sunday 15 March and make your donation for Wildlife Victoria. You can donate $5 for a 3-minute chat, $10 for a 5-minute chat or $20 for a 10-minute chat.

The Good Copy is a writing school and a shop for word people. A proud team of nerds, they run workshops, sell books, and host Collingwood’s longest-running crossword club.

Sun 15 Mar, 10.30–11.30am (Past)

Bring your cryptic crossword questions for our Tell-a-thon panel. They’ll be ready to tell you about clue types, solving strategies, and tips for beginners. Any and all crossword conundrums welcome!

Sun 15 Mar, 12–1pm (Past)

Want to chat about commas? Got a question about conjunctions? Need to vent your spleen on semicolons? Book in for a chat with one of the editors on our Tell-a-thon team. They were born ready.

Sun 15 Mar, 2–3pm (Past)

‘Everything is copy,’ said Nora Ephron. And copy is everything. But it’s easier said than written. Do you need to jazz up your business blurb? Re-write your website? Energise your emails? Find out more about the freelance writing life? Book in for a chat with one of the copy champions on our Tell-a-Thon panel.

Sun 15 Mar, 4–5pm (Past)

Our editing panel returns to grapple with grammar and provide punctuation pointers. Bring your editing questions, quandries and quibbles for the friendly Tell-a-thon team.

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