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An interactive art experience for people with dementia and their family or carers. A growing body of research highlights the impact that visual arts programs can have on quality of life, communication and wellbeing of people living with dementia.

Using the NGV Collection as the conduit, participants are led through facilitated conversations sparking social connections and shared experiences.

Fourth Thursday of every month, 10:15am – 11:15am

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Thu 23 Jan, 10.15–11.15am (Past)

Thu 27 Feb, 10.15–11.15am (Past)

Thu 26 Mar, 10.15–11.15am (Past)

Thu 23 Apr, 10.15–11.15am

Thu 28 May, 10.15–11.15am

Thu 25 Jun, 10.15–11.15am

Thu 23 Jul, 10.15–11.15am

Thu 27 Aug, 10.15–11.15am

Thu 24 Sep, 10.15–11.15am

Thu 22 Oct, 10.15–11.15am

Thu 26 Nov, 10.15–11.15am

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