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Base from the outer anthropoid coffin of Iret-[en]-Hor-eru

Base from the outer anthropoid coffin of Iret-[en]-Hor-eru
747 BCE-600 BCE

wood, gesso, pigment
33.0 × 62.0 × 193.0 cm
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National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Purchased, 1938
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Not on display
Physical description
Base of an outer anthropoid coffin. All the surfaces are covered in a layer of gesso and painted. Outside top edge: decorated with a band of chrysanthemums. Exterior sides: decorated with a continuous band of inscription, starting at left side bottom, between framing lines. Exterior base: surface completely gone. Inside base: displays a figure of the god Ptah Sokar wearing the atef crown and uraeus and holding a 'was'-sceptre. The god is falcon-headed with a human body on a standard and is clothed in a head cloth, collar and cross-hatched bandaging. The name is at the head. Around the edge of the base and encasing the figure is a uraeus. Inside left side: depicts the goddess Isis on a standard; Inside head of coffin: depicts a sun disc with uraeii and 'ankh' signs; the rays of the sun are shown as drops. Inside right side: depicts the goddess Nephthys on a standard. The owner's name is 'Iret-[en]-Hor-eru', son of 'Djed-Ptah-f-Ankh'.