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Lid from the inner anthropoid coffin of Iret-[en]-Hor-eru

Lid from the inner anthropoid coffin of Iret-[en]-Hor-eru
747 BCE-600 BCE

wood, linen, gesso, pigment
21.5 × 42.5 × 70.5 cm
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National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Purchased, 1938
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Physical description
Inner anthropoid coffin lid showing the owner wearing a lappet wig, on top of which is a scarab beetle, symbol of resurrection. A false beard was once inserted into the hole under the chin. Over the chest is a floral collar- the collar of justification. Below this is the goddess 'Ma'at', kneeling upon the hieroglyphic symbol for gold and extending her wings in protection. Beneath the wings are 10 vertical columns of text asking the god Osiris for sustenance in the afterlife. Beneath this text are six bands of text and decoration over the body and feet. The texts repeat the requests for sustenance in the afterlife and the decoration includes figures of the gods who will protect the owner in the next world, the mummy of the owner lying on the funerary couch and the 'djed' pillar, the symbol of the god Osiris. On the foot of the coffin is a text requesting bread and beer offerings from the god Anubis, who is shown as a jackal. On the base of the feet the owner is depicted on the back of the Apis bull, also a symbol of resurrection. The lappets of the wig are applied and the face, painted red, has been built up from layers of linen.